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Can please Artie sings it ^ to Sugar?

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Character: Artie Abrams

My same sex otp: Sugartie

My opposite sex otp: Puck/Artie

My most hated pairing: I really do not have one! : \

My brotp/friendship otp: Artie/Mercedes

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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Sugartie for season 4 please.

I do not believe I did not see it!

Can we stop a moment to enjoy the little moment Quory that is happening! As if that were not enough to Quinn torture the fandom  Quory this whole episode, holding the hand of Rory, looking at him twice, with this three, she still wants that will sorfer more, her is looking again to Rory! Why Ryan did not realize at once that Quory is perfect and they should be together!And I forgot to mention one more thing, YAY Sugartie sitting together!

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What was that Sugar said when she jumped into the lap of Artie in episode “Heart”?

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hi I'm Tayna,15 years, Brazil!

I'm obsessed with the series :
- Merlin
- Glee

I like the series :

-The Big Bang Theory
- Charmed
- Drop Dead Diva
- Doctor Who
- Icarly
- Psych
- Rookie Blue
- Switched at Birth
- The Big Bang Theory
- Teen Wolf
- The Secret Life of the American Teenager
- Victorious

My OTPs :

- Mergana (Merlin and Morgana)
- Arwen (Gwen and Arthur)
- Quory (Quinn and Rory)
- Samcedes (Sam and Mercedes)
- Brittana (Brittany and Santana)
- Sugartie (Sugar and Artie)
- Finchel (Finn and Rachel)
- Klaine (Kurt and Blaine)
- Shenny (Penny and Sheldon)



Even though Rory is with Sugar
I will continue to have faith that Quory will happen!
theme por affectingyou; com detalhes de decepcionar, abismopoetico e desesperancoso.